I have not had the opportunity to use many products so far but regarding the deodorant I can say that I am more than pleased.


I came across the Forever products two years ago and I was immediately enthusiastic.
The first product that was recommended to me was the Aloe Vera gel. I drink this exceptional pulp every day and I feel the benefits, I’ve never felt so good. Once you use it, you can’t do without it. Two or three times a year I treat myself to an internal detox with Clean 9, during these 9 days I feel the benefit of purification. I feel lighter. I have a feeling of well-being and I have a lot of energy throughout the day.
I have to thank Mara for her professionalism, availability and seriousness. For every problem, she has found a solution.
Thank you for introducing me to these valuable products with a thousand benefits, products that I highly recommend!


My favourite product is definitely the legendary Aloe Vera Gelly. In our family we had the (un)lucky experience of using it several times especially for small to large burns. Me with the oven, my son with the fireplace and the smallest with the “Raclette” stove. On all these occasions we were able to benefit from its freshness and immediate relief with the guarantee of not seeing annoying blisters appear. The Gelly is now such a part of our home that my children no longer cry out “It hurts!!!” but only “I want the Gelly!!!”


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I have tried the following products: Clean 9, aloe herbal tea, lotion cream, deodorant and lip balm. I found myself really impressed with all the products, they’re excellent! Mara is exceptional in advising you. ?


My experience with the FOREVER CLEAN 9 programme was exceptional. It helped me prepare for a diet that I started soon after. During and after the C9 I felt very fit and full of energy.
I would recommend it to everyone, not only those who want to lose weight.


Forever products are fantastic! My favourite product is Forever Aloe Berry Nectar. It makes me feel fit and full of energy!


It’s been about 1 year since I started using some Forever products and I’m so enthusiastic about them that I’ve spread the word around friends and now they want to try too!